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Art Book & Postcard 《A Time We Want to Have》 【English Ver./英語版】 - Unique hamsters on an olive tree



One picture of various hamsters became a book. Spotted pattern, red eyes, larger and smaller children. Some are white, some are black, some are yellow. Some are friendly, some are active, and some are calm. I drew the hamsters in this picture taking into account their species, appearance, personalities, and heredity. Hamsters' fur color and our skin color are somewhat similar, aren't they? The title of this work is "A Time We Want to Have" There is no fixed main characteramong them. Everyone is the main character. Or, the hamster that you can empathize with will become the main character for you. The language of the olive is "peace" and "wisdom." It is precisely when we feel various kinds of distance, such as disconnection by country or race, that we want to feel the warmth of relationships. I wish for everyone to live together in peace and wisdom and to live happily in their own way, regardless of differences in physical appearance, function, character, or justice. I entrusted these thoughts to the olive tree and the peaceful hamsters. May this picture always be by our side to remind us of them. ... This is an art book just for this painting, where you can enjoy knowing more about the story behind this painting and the background of each hamster. Each book comes with a postcard. Please take your time and enjoy. ──────────────── Contents Introduction Concept Stories  What We See and What We Don't See 3. Olive A Time We Want to Have Another Work Process  Planning  A Line Drawing  Coloring 7. Comments Postscript ──────────────── Language : English Number of pages : 46 pages + 1 postcard Printed in Japan ©︎2022 Oshiruko illustration ▼Click here for the Japanese version! / 日本語版はこちら 「アートブック&ポストカード《すごしたい時間》【日本語版】」 https://oshirukoillustration.stores.jp/items/62981f721c6fdf019e29c18f ▼International shipping is available through this site. https://en.pinkoi.com/product/httEA4qC